Fashion Love: layers and legs 1.24.11

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

My co-worker, dear friend and fellow vertically hindered female, and I started talking about how to wear over the knee socks. She came across some gems while out with her neice; but with the fear of the abrupt line of a knee-high shortening the leg us little ones are a little fearful of wearing them. So i set out to make a style where even the vertically hindered can have legs to their ears while wearing a sock at any height, and make it sing!

#1. start with the heels, it is essential that us little ladies ad as much length to those legs as possible. try to keep the shoe to an ankle length giving as much leg time as possible.

#2. find a top that flows and will hang right below the butt, so theres no telling where those legs end and the torso begins.don’t be afraid to layer in with those light moveable fabrics, just don’t go over board.

#3. adorn those legs. a sock at any height works well if it has something to blend with. Try a simple sheer tight or textured tight, in the same general color scheme as the sock and for summer, go bare!

#4. Accessorize, ad some plain silver, bohemian style jewelry for a little added flare to this simple look.


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