DIY files; earring organizer 1.30.11

January 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am an accessory fiend.

Often times when i shop the only things that will fit are accessories. I love vintage jewelry and making my own as well. But with so many accessories i have trouble finding what i want to wear and often times find myself forgetting i even own some of what i do. I grew really, really tired of rummaging through my jewelry box trying to find a pair of earrings. So i put on my creative thinking hat and took a trip to Michaels art supply store and the container store. Love them both.

I decided to build an earring holder that would match the white painted branches i have holding my necklesses and my boyfriends clothes (since mine have filled the closet). I pulled out my box of collected craft supplies; took an old vase, some white sand, twigs, feathers, dried wild flowers and a few cans of spray paint. Out into the back yard and began spraying.

I coated the vase with a satin finish black krylon paint, the twigs with a satin white. Selected the twigs i would need and a few of the other items i thought might look cool in the vase to add a bit of filler. I filled the newly blackened vase with the white sand i purchased from Michaels and started pressing everything into the sand. This was a fun, easy and cheap way to create a DIY  natural earring organizer.

PS: I also created a ring organizer and have plans of creating a chandelier. Shots of the rest of my matching DIY natural organizers coming soon.


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