New Mexico, Earth Ships and My Mom; intallment one 3.30.11

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And so it begins.

The pile of film i successfully nested on for most of 2010, has been staring me down, every time i walked past the bag i thought, i need to get that developed! The other morning, i said why not. I grabbed the bag, brought it down to my local film spot. I definitely made their day with a whopping 35 rolls to be developed, i practically saw the dollar signs pop into their eyes.

The weekend goes by, monday morning i get the call, a successful processing and a consistent batch of images. Head down to the shop and pick up my bag of prints. Straight to my car, i couldnt wait another second, with saba’s head burried exploringly in the bag i push passed her and tear into the prints. Oh my what i found. 5 Trips worth of shots, things i forgot i took, a couple rolls that i defiantly didn’t shoot and a whole lot that i did.

Its so much fun going through my shots with a different view on them than i did when i shot them, scanning my favorites and sharing them with you all. With so many awesome ones to choose from (again with my self admiration, geeze). So i thought, why not share in installments, I have well over 100 shots i love just from my shoot in New Mexico. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

©Kari rowe photography llc

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC all rights reserved 2011

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC all rights reserved 2011©Kari Rowe Photography LLC all rights reserved 2011©Kari Rowe Photography LLC all rights reserved 2011©Kari Rowe Photography LLC all rights reserved 2011


There is no post on any of these pictures they are the pure glory of film!

Until tomorrow.


Fashon Trends 80s Flashback 3.30.11

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I’ve really been feeling the 80s glam rock lately, blasting GNR and Motley Crue into my headphones. Slathering on the eyeliner, painting only the most rocking nail colors i have, sliding into the skinniest leathers i own and adding silver embellishments where i can, to everything i can. I woke up this morning with my creativity bone tingling, i haven’t made any collages lately (i used to make them all the time) so i thought why not share the look and my new collage with my friends online. Then give you all the links to get the look.

Of course, my virtual closet consists of items that my actual closet will never hold, the jacket in the collage retailing at over $5,000 and a printed manicure landing right around $150. However, i will lend a hand in creating the same look at a price that’s a little more affordable.

All Saints, Harris Leather Biker Jacket $450.00

Sephora, OPI Chic Prints, Silver skulls $15.00

MAC Lipstick, Lady Danger $14.50

Arden B, Bleach Wash Skinny Jeans $22.49 (sale)

SkinGraft is having a sale! 3.29.11

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Check out their website for some of the most amazing leather wear i have ever seen.

i am drooling over the thought of riding in these gloves this summer

To charge or not to charge, credit cards, i hate you!


communication arts submission 3.29.11

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Its official i am now 25. Oh and I have just submitted a series of shots i took for my friend Kris. He wanted to document his aging grandparents as a Christmas present to his family. Crossing my fingers that i win and get national recognition for my work! They turned out to be some pretty amazing shots. Thanks to Kris for the post production and art direction!©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

The distractions in my life 3.23.11

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I am a newish mom of this lovely mexican lady “Saba” and I have already managed to teach her how to yell at me when i am not paying as much attention to her as she would like, push her butt on to people when she wants a pet and lick them until they pet her. Living with this monster i have created goes something like this.

I hop on my computer to go through my mail boxes, update my blog and pretty much just check out whats hot in internet land. But it seems that the second my laptop hits my lap i am bombarded with whines, howls and noises that sound like a dying hyena accompanied with the stomping of four legs, and the use of her head as a battering ram to release my computer from my lap. I am finding it difficult to concentrate while her head is as close to the side of my face as it can get and her eyes staring straight into my sole. I am literally unable to come up with awesome things to share with you all, so i thought, why not share what i had at my feet while i was trying to document my DIY spiked cellphone, and is currently warming my toes as i type.

got to love my little Xoloitzcuintle immigrant "Saba"

I promise a much more relevant post is coming soon.

Nina Simone; setting me straight 3.23.11

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Nina Simone knows where its at. When I’m feeling that self loathing emptiness that comes with the mundane every day of life, when something goes wrong and i cant help but sink into a quicksand of a funk…i click play and nina tells me to quit my whining and get back to it.

Flash sale at the outnet 3.22.11

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Not that i need anymore clothes or shoes, seeing as mine cant fit into my shelves as it is and have now found a home on my bedroom floor, (much to the dismay of my boyfriend). But who can pass up a FLASH SALE! Hit up the outnet its a crazy sale!

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