a 500 frame adventure for nike running 3.14.11

March 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

A while back, Nike sent me up to Seattle to document urban structures for a running campaign for 2 days. I hopped a train and headed up north with a bag of gear and a change of clothes. When i got there it was a torrential downpour unlike I’d ever seen,(which says a lot because i was born and raised in Seattle!). Day 1….train arrives 40 min late and the rain has grown worse. I hike the city, camera tucked inside my jacket and plastic bags lining my backpack. I shot as much as i could but with the rain refusing to subside, I decided to take shelter in a local coffee shop until my friend could come pick me up. Day 1 was unsuccessful. With the photo request reaching nearly 500 images I knew i would have to bust out for the remaining day of my trip. We ate and the rain continued. Day 2 4:00am, I borrowed my friends car and drove around the city, parking in random places and walking until i was sufficiently soaked. Day two was more successful but, the weather was not allowing for me to put any sort of a dent in the number of images needed.

The ferociousness of the rain caused flash flooding and mudslides. Needless to say the trains were not running. My image due date the morning of the 3rd day I knew i wouldn’t make it with the weather the way it was. A call to my producer, 1 day extension, and trigger finger still clicking away. We procured me a rental car to drive back to PDX (not an easy feat for a 20 year old). Day 3 i wake at dawn, ready to shoot and drive, to the news that I5 has been shutdown due to flooding. While my producer books me a flight, I use the day to snap photos left and right. Close to my goal, i have shot about 450 usable images and i begin to breath easy. That evening I continue to shoot all the way to the airport (my friend looking at me like I was crazy, asking her to pull over at every alley). I arrive home on Day 4 with 550 beautiful images, a $250 seat belt-less ticket, soggy shoes and a cold.


Seattle Washington, 2009, Nike running campaign



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