one frame and a quarter life crisis 3.17.11

March 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

I grew up on Vashon Island in Washington. As a melodramatic teen it is hard to stay out of trouble when you live in a small town, let alone a small town surrounded completely by water, the only way off an over-priced ferry ride and a car.

Meet me, at 16, filled with angst that comes from nowhere, yet to hit puberty and the size of a 7 year old; literally so bored with life my soul was melting (see the melodrama). I never liked high school, it didn’t make sense to me, probably because i was home schooled up until my freshman year or maybe it was because i was small enough to live in my locker.

I was determined to spend as much time off the island as possible, whether it was my abnormal youth or my over exaggerated sense of self worth, i needed out. I ended up entering this program called running start, where your high school pays your college credits at any community college in the same district. I opted out of the island life and began my days of 4:00am ferry rides, 2 hour commute times, pretending to enjoy coffee in the college Caterina, solid black outfits, anarchist handbooks, free credits and over price books, that shaped me into the spectacular specimen of the female gender i am today. (see over exaggerated sense of self-worth)

I turn 25 next week and I’ve been reminiscing about the days of old, those days when i had unstoppable drive to do anything and everything, before the soul crushing mundaneness of the real world had its way with me. (man, again with the melodrama) I wouldn’t ever put my camera down, i was constantly tearing pages from magazines, reading all the books i could handle and attending every show i could manage. What happened? Is it the grayness of the Oregon winter, is it that i work in-studio for a living? Or am i just getting old?

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

my commute home from school, not so bad now that i look back at it

Order up! One quarter life crisis and a beer please.


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