my phone was spiked; D.I.Y Files 3.19.11

March 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am the absolute worst at keeping my phone in my hand or pocket. Since i got an iphone its only been worse. The “sleek” body is so thin and slippery i cant seem to keep a hold of it, i swear it literally jumps out of my hand!

The IT guy at work, nearly has an aneurism when he sees me enter the building seconds behind my phone. So get a case he says, i hate CASES! i reply in my brattiest voice possible. “find one you do like then!”

So i went out looking for the thinnest, sleek black case i could find. I bought this silicone cover put it on my phone and right into my jacket pocket. Sauntering down the street, already feeling better about the chances of it plummeting from my pocket to the cement below. My heightened sense of security brought by this new case was short lived, my phone rings and i pull it from my jacket only to see that it is completely covered in tiny fibers and puppy hairs!

I had to do something stylish to this case to de-magnatise it from all things fiberous. So i grab my craft box and started bedazzling, in a manner of speaking.

You can do your own, a thin silicone case like the one pictured, a few spikes and your cellphone. Vola, you have a phone that will skid over all surfaces and look amazing at the same time!


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