jimmy fallon is actually talented 4.28.11

April 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Well, in internet years, these videos are as old as the pyramids. However, my late sharing of these videos makes them no less amazing! Jimmy Fallon blew me away with his ability to sing and play in the styles of the masters of music and was, dare i say it, impeccable.


hems in our economy 4.27.11

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I was talking with one of my friends this morning and she mentioned that as the economy is bad, the hemlines of skirts lengthen. I was immediately enamored, i have noticed that the skirts that almost all the popular clothing companies have been newly designing have been long flowing hems.

She also went into how she heard that skinny jeans will most likely stick around since the cost of cotton is so high, no one except the rich will be able to afford the tailored trends with more fabric. This analogy of fashion and the economy excited me and i began to research, what i have found, how shall i say it, brought me down.

Although this theory is understandably believable it has yet to be proven true. Never the less, the floor grazing, flouncing hems that are the new trend seem much more elegant and calming than the previous fashion of “let’s see how much of my butt cheeks you can see and still technically call this a skirt” trend.

I totally love the new Free People Collection for full length hems.

free people's Moonbeam Maxi Skirt

free people's Tracks of My Tiers Maxi Dress

in my weekend 4.25.11

April 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

hey all! sorry for my brief hiatus from the blogging world. I seem to have gotten lost in the sun and my dogs upset stomach (the joys of parenthood!). Living in a climate where we get at max 2 months of summer and the rest of the time is gray, dreary, rain. It only makes sense that with a great sunny day comes, vibrant white legs, juggling, double-Decker bikes, PBR, hula hooping in the park and hangovers. The sun decided to grace our pale skin with its presence on Friday and Saturday. Because as we know, Portland is the place of useless hobbies and retirement at 25, the park was packed by noon and the passer-beys blinded by the bare skin of Portlanders. I too decided to partake in the relaxation of the sun and the grass, i brought my dog and a blanket, sat with my friends and had a glass of wine. As i laid there on the stomach in the setting sun, watching my dog’s crazy antics of grabbing dandelions and tossing them in the air in a attempt to entice the other canines to chase her. I hear a scream, my friend is staring at me in horror! I look up just in time to witness the shower of urine that is a male dog gracing me with his yellow waterfall, yes, i now belong to him.

So i have to say, this weekend was a success, a hike in forest park with our friends and their 4 month old Boston terrier, a day of leisure, a shower of urine, a surprise trip to see my dad for Easter, and 5 hours at his amazing buffet breakfast. I am back at work, its Monday morning and the rain is pelting us with misery yet again. This weekend feels like a distant dream already.

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

new mexico 2010

happy sunshiney dreams to all.

more of my fathers place 4.20.11

April 20, 2011 § 3 Comments

Happy 4 20 everybody! Not a true holiday except for those who grew up on a hippy island with a father who would wake you up playing the flute in his favorite tye-dye (thank god he is not a Birkenstock man)! Love you dad!

Here are some more shots from my dad’s property.

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

Our Goat "Smelly"

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

home made greenhouse

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

red the horse


I’ll admit it, i was googling myself 4.19.11

April 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

OK OK, I admit it! I was googling myself! Last night, in a moment of pure narcissism, i Googled every form of my name and my business name i could come up with. I came across a bunch of, strange facebook self portraits that were definitely not of this Kari Rowe, and some not so flattering pictures of myself. But the best thing i found in my search for myself was that a bit of my work was up on the wonderful Spencer O’Brien’s website. Check her out, she is one amazing snowboarder, a wonderful person and one of the cutest ladies around.

This Just in…Todd Templeman just sent me this behind the scenes shot of me and Spencer killing it for nike 6.0.

its weird to see yourself in action!

My fathers house 4.18.11

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I have been posting a ton of shots from my trip to my mother’s house in New Mexico. To break things up a bit i thought i would post a few shots of my series from my father’s house. He lives on Vashon Island in the same house I grew up in, with honey his faithful husky, golden retriever. I have shot everything on my hasselblad with natural light.

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

My Dad's little lady "Honey"

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

Honey keeping watch of her tree

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

My Dad and Honey Sharing an afternoon snack

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

summertime blues 4.15.11

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With the temperatures at a steady 40 degrees and the rain unrelenting, i thought i would pull some work i have done that reminds me of summertime and sunshine.

ryan dungey in flordia

Annie b looking radiant in the bright light

And one more for your viewing pleasure.


my friend genna, about to burst

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