burkinstocks? Really?! 4.11.11

April 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Are my eyes deceiving me, or has the impossible become reality? Birkenstock are lining the shelves of stores and infiltrating my favorite fashion magazines, catalogs and blogs!!!! Why? I have to say, i was born and raised a true hippy, no sugar, no television and unlimited woodlands to roam. However, there was one thing as a child i couldn’t wait to be old enough to stop wearing, and that was my Birkenstocks. They seem to have this amazingly uncanny ability to make even the most beautiful foot look short and fat. Even the thickest wool or most wonderfully hand-dyed socks wont save you from the short-fattening of the Birkenstock!

What is the next trend, hacky sacks and sage burnign before your drum circles in the park?


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