hems in our economy 4.27.11

April 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was talking with one of my friends this morning and she mentioned that as the economy is bad, the hemlines of skirts lengthen. I was immediately enamored, i have noticed that the skirts that almost all the popular clothing companies have been newly designing have been long flowing hems.

She also went into how she heard that skinny jeans will most likely stick around since the cost of cotton is so high, no one except the rich will be able to afford the tailored trends with more fabric. This analogy of fashion and the economy excited me and i began to research, what i have found, how shall i say it, brought me down.

Although this theory is understandably believable it has yet to be proven true. Never the less, the floor grazing, flouncing hems that are the new trend seem much more elegant and calming than the previous fashion of “let’s see how much of my butt cheeks you can see and still technically call this a skirt” trend.

I totally love the new Free People Collection for full length hems.

free people's Moonbeam Maxi Skirt

free people's Tracks of My Tiers Maxi Dress


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