Gala Darling is an inspiration 5.27.11

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Seriously this lovely lady has her sh’t together. She is brilliant, beautiful and preaches a message of self love that is lacking in these days of surgical enhancements, botox and silicone. You will also catch a glimpse or two of the wonderful Nubby Twiglet of Portland Oregon (another amazing and lovely blogging genius). Keep killing it Gala, you rock!

Sunday from Gala Darling on Vimeo.


my nail art obsession 5.27.11

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As you all know by now i have this overwhelming obsession with these nail polish strips i have been raving about for the last few months. As with any awesome thing, these nail strips have become a trend, the only positive thing about the popularity of an item, is that more brands start to make the item and it becomes more available and less expensive. So with out further a due, select colors from the Nail Rock Collection are now on sale at Asos!

DIY Hair Chain Clip 5.26.11

May 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

With my bank account in the red, and my brain in go mode i broke out my crafts box and started creating. The first in a line of hair accessories i started to make for myself is a chain clip.

I look several types of chain i had, an old earring from mexico and some old school roach clips and made this hair chain. It is very similar to the long chain earrings, gracing the pages of the fashion magazines and sites of amazing jewelry designers, but it wont destroy your ear lobe! I love it. There are more hair crafts to come as soon as i buy some wire.

Happy thursday.

The iphone update. 5.24.11

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I have been absolutely terrible at keeping up with my site lately! So heres the highlights i have to share. Took a road-trip to SF with my man and my lovely little lady. Applied my second set of my sally hansen salon effects nail polish strips, in Kitty Kitty, meow! Got my hair dyed. Thank you Camille V at 220 Salon! Bought my new favorite color of lipstick,Yves Saint Laurent ‘Rouge Volupte’ Lipstick SPF 15 – Divine Mahogany No. 5Took Saba for her first swim, in the US. Explored the wilderness with my BFF. And finally! Broke the bike out for the summer.

love you all, hope you are enjoying the sun!

Sweet cheeks in Transworld Business

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Transworld Business has done an article on Sweet Cheeks. The charity driven underwear line founded by Hannah Teter and rep’d by the lovely gabi and monz. Check out the story behind Sweet cheeks.

I am so proud to say i am a part of this wonderful project.

alushia sanchia jewelry

May 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

The jewelry is amazing and the photos are just as awesome.

The styling, makeup and shot are each more amazing than the next!

Cant wait till the website is working! For now we can enjoy the blog.

some gems 5.12.11

May 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

Two of my favorite photos from New Mexico have finally been scanned! The first is of one of the many many crystal collections at my mom’s house, i waited for sunset and grabbed the shot right as the sun came through the crystal. The second, is of the fox tails and treasures from the mesa. These were shot on the 35mm Nikon my mom gifted to me while i was there.

©Kari Rowe Photography LLC

©kari rowe photography llc

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