My Mom Tells Rocktails….

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I took these shots of my beautiful mom at her home outside of Taos New Mexico, she owns and runs a coffee shop in Taos called Coffee Cats, if you are in town and in need of a drink check them out. If you do happen in, ask her about her original “Rocktails” its a pretty amazing concept. Her Rock Tails have been written up in all the local busniess journals, blogs and magazines as well as the New York Times Business Journal!

“Natural stones have an energy, which is why many people love this new concept I originated of combining the healing properties of stones with their drinks, which I call ‘Rocktails,’” says Coffee Cats owner Kit Johnston.

She challenged skeptics to blind taste tests, “splitting a cup of coffee into two different cups, and people are dumbfounded that the flavor of the drink changes with the stones, even though the stones by themselves don’t have a flavor.” Be transformed yourself the next time you’re in Taos.

This amazing woman taught me the ins and outs of making art through a camera, the power of positive thoughts, belief in one’s self and the strength given by the earth itself.

Next time you find yourself in New Mexico stop by, say Kari sent you, and try a Rocktail!


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