Newspaper Nail Art!!!

September 29, 2011 § 4 Comments

I love patters, designs, pearling patterns, and art on nails! Who would have thought that there was an actual way to put newsprint on your nails!!! This process sounds awesome and the use of vodka could be two fold….maybe enjoy a night in with the girls. A little nail art a little cocktail and who knows where the night would go. This idea was created by Kelsey of the Tumblr Quiet Time her original nail design is featured by Refinery29 and Dolce Vanity.

All you need is OPI Samoan Sand Nail Polish; NARS Top Coat and Absolut Vodka.

Steps: 1-you apply the base color in this case Samoan Sand by OPI, allow to dry. Dip each fingernail into the vodka, press a strip of newspaper onto the top of each alcohol soaked nail and remove slowly. Once the nails are dry apply a glossy top coat to create a finished look!

I cant wait to try this! Who’s down for a night of nails, nibbles and cocktails?!


Made Her Think New 2012 Spring Line

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The new “Made Her Think” spring line 2012 is absolutely beautiful! The clean lines paired with the raw characteristics of the pieces are perfectly intertwined. I wish i could own the whole line, starting with this necklace!

I heart braids!

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Ever since I was a kid, it was always about the perfect braid. As a young lady with two sisters, countless barbies and my little ponies with the perfect braiding length hair; we spent a lot of time perfecting our braiding capabilities. So why is it i cannot seem to create a single decent braid on my own head. both of my sisters are braiding masters and if you saw me doing my hair in the morning you would have no idea i even knew how to use my hands!

None the less, i am totally in love with the new braiding trend that is running rampant!

Lana Del Rey- Blue Jeans

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24 hours at the ace

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Check this out, the impossible project has teamed up with the ace hotel to supply their guests with the magic of instant film. This month, every guest room at Ace Hotel New York will be stocked with a refurbished Polaroid camera and limited edition, custom packs of “Impossible x Ace Hotel” PX 600 Silver Shade instant black & white film in the mini–bar.

Along with this awesome month of film lovin’ at the ace, there will be an art show titled “24 Hours At The Ace” that will feature Adam Goldberg, Andie Acosta, Anne Bowerman, Araks Yeramyan, Chloe Aftel, Dave Ortiz, Devon Turnbull, Elijah Wood, Jeremy Kost, Nicole Held, Michael Nevin, Pat Sansone and Steve Olson. A follow–up show in August 2012 will feature works submitted by fans of Ace and Impossible online at The final selections for this second gallery installation will be decided by the original show’s participants.

I wish i was visiting the Ace NY this month!

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