My solestruck obcession

December 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Ok girls, if you don’t already stalk all the shoes on this site, you will now. I love solestruck, they have great customer service and countless amazing pairs of shoes. Not to mention, they carry small sizes, lots of them!!!

Well, anyways they had this amazing black Friday sale 30%-50% off all sales items over 4 days! So naturally i piled all the shoes i love into a wish list and waited for the numbers to drop. I ended up with a few absolutely beautiful (and practical, yeah me!) shoes. But after purchasing i realized the code didn’t end up working. I waited until today to call and see if i was able to get a refund for the sale amount. The young woman who answered was so sweet she worked out the issue in no time, refunded me and gave me an additional discount on ANOTHER pair of shoe! Oh man just what i need, one more pair!

You know you have a problem when the customer service line says “oooh i remember you!” then states that you might as well come work in the office at this point! I cant help it, with free shipping, optional recycled shoe boxes, great customer service and amazing selection i cant help but keep coming back.

There, i did it, my ode to Solestruck.

Check out their blog too! its great!


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