Skin Struggle

December 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

In these winter months it seems like a constant battle just to keep my skin in check. Either its overly greasy from the massive amounts of moisturizer or dry and hurting from the icy weather outside and constant dry heat inside.

Thanks to my obsessive product testing, I have found a couple amazing and simple solutions.

1. Dr. Hunter’s Hand Creme: Usually I loathe the smell of rose products, reminding me of a musty old house and your grandmas perfume and popurri all mixed in one. But this is a different beast all together! I love how this stuff smells, like nothing more than a wonderful, fresh cut rose. It softens my achy hands instantly, leaves behind a fresh floral scent and absolutely no oily residue! Talk about LOVE! I bought this stuff at Anthropologie.

2. Heritage Rosewater Spray: I know, again with the rose! But it works like a charm! The smell is light and fresh but does not stick around. What I do is, after I conduct my nightly face cleansing ritual, I lightly pat my face with a towel. While it is still damp I mist my entire face in this rosewater. Once properly doused in rosewater, I use a touch of my face lotion. The trick is, the rosewater neutralizes the PH of the harsh tap water you wash your face with, and putting a bit of lotion on while your face is drenched in its PH balanced goodness, you end up using less lotion and hydrating just enough to avoid that greasy face feeling. The best part is this is totally affordable and helps you from flying through your less affordable lotions! You can find it almost anywhere but The Natural Online has it on sale right now for only $5.65!

3. Aveeno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment: Last but not least, is my go to bath time skin soothing remedy. Ever since i was a kid i have had really really sensitive skin! I mean i would break out in hives constantly and for no apparent reason. With that said this bath treatment has always been there for me, I love it. It is cheap and safe. I use it even if i just feel like relaxing and hydrating my skin, yeah for oatmeal! If i feel like a little aroma therapy while im soaking i will add a few drops of lavender oil along with the oatmeal treatment. Again, you don’t need to buy into those over priced bath oils to soothe your skin (they are amazing) but really what normal person wants to spend $80 on a tiny bottle of bath oil?! Not me! You can find this stuff everywhere, seriously, wallgreens, fred meyer, safeway ect. And its about 8 dollars for a pack of 8!

Lets make it thought these winter months with silky smooth skin.


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