I am not a feminist…I’m just into feminism?

January 12, 2012 § 3 Comments

In today’s society, I by no means call myself a feminist, in fact I seem to go out of my way to avoid that term at all costs. Even if it meant keeping quiet about how I feel about women in today’s media. I was home reading the other night, when I saw the word Feminist in an article….I cringed….then thought to myself, why do I refused to call myself a feminist? I went to the dictionary to figure out what the literary term of the word meant versus the representation of the term in media.

Feminist: “person whose beliefs and behaviors are based on feminism.”

Feminism: “a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women”

So when I think about it, I am a feminist after all. Why is it I try to hard to avoid being deemed a feminist in today’s society? I decided to Google the term and started to define what the main stream media of today depicts as a feminist. One thing is for sure, they don’t think of strong, beautiful, creative women standing up for equality and rights for all woman kind. The social media of today has deemed a feminist ugly, hairy, angry, men haters, lesbians, hard, hating, rejecting of family life, rude, mean ect. In fact the third definition in the urban dictionary said:

“a bunch of brain dead, tromatized women who use men to blame all of their problems on. A.K.A women who have large ego’s.”

yes, that is a copy and paste version (misspelling included in the definition).

How has something so beautiful as respectfulness of the woman and all they have to offer become something so ugly?

The new film Miss Representation for the Sundance film festival says it all.

The next time someone calls me a feminist I will hold my head high and smile while saying, “I guess I am”


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