A commencement & A Conclusion

January 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have been getting many an email and text message lately asking me if the rumor is true….yes, it is.

Saba and I hanging under my desk at nemo

After a long and interesting 6 years with studio nemo here is PDX, it is time for Kari Rowe Photography to hit the road and begin a genesis of its own. At the moment, the winds of change are blowing a whirlwind of stress dreams, TMJ flare ups and mini panic attacks as I begin the painful process of sifting through 8 years of work, and compile a real portfolio. Alas, I will miss thee grimy hangouts, dirty boys, black outs, dance offs, rain soaked afternoon plans, perverse jokes, good coffee, group bike rides, motorcycle crashes, physical abuse and all around good time that has been my life here in Oregon.

Hopefully, when the winds of change calm a bit i will find myself nestled safely in Silverlake with camera in hand, creativity a blaze and dog in tow. I have another month here in the great dreariness of Oregon…so send me a message or give me a f^$&!*@ phone call so we can make sure to have some amazing times before I head towards the sun and big city.

Here is a sweet end of the year recap of a pretty typical year here at nemo hq:

Until I hit the road…during which time i hope to thoroughly document my travels, I would like to thank you all for your patience while my blog postings will be lacking.


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