The world of daydreams with Avery

January 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

What to say and where to begin. I have never been great with words, always finding it easier to express myself through images and art. As a tween my diary was filled with countless magazine clippings covering every page making a vibrant book of shapes and colors.

When I see something or someone that inspires me I find myself with a severe inability to act like anything other than a highly caffeinated chiwawa chasing after a goal never quite within reach . Running full speed at the prize in site, throwing caution to the wind and bumbling with the right words to say. However, as we are all told, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

The day I met Avery was no different. The comfortable and confident woman I have become vanished, knowing there is something so personal about capturing someone in an image I find it unbearable hard to stay calm, confident and strong during the first introduction.

She was gorgeous, like a character from another world. I have to say asking for her permission to capture her in a portfolio fashion series was a scary moment I will never regret. An amazing young woman, with a heart as big as her creativity. Fourteen years old, with beautiful pale skin and a face you cant help but stare at a muse in every sense of the term.

A special thanks to Avery and her wonderful family, Camille V for the beautiful hair and makeup.



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§ One Response to The world of daydreams with Avery

  • themofman says:

    Very good shoot.

    I can see that your personal connection to the model and the moment helped drive your creativity. There’s more that comes through the images than just the aesthetics.

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