Marni for H&M

March 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

I must apologize for my lack in posts lately. I have officially moved and left the comfort of studio nemo.  I’m still here in Portland, at least for the summer, I mean really, who peaces out of PDX just before summer hits?!!! All you PDX dwellers know what im talking about! For those of you who have never experienced a Portland summer you are truly missing out….were talking every vitam b starved being in portland hits the rivers, parks, beaches, campgrounds, concerts, outside bar areas, there are movies in the park, more PBR drunk than is humanly possible, bikes flying around the streets and smiles on every face….its the best 3 months of life here in the great northwest.

Back to my post! Marni for H&M is launching march 8! I cant wait….unfortunately for us in portland, the line will not be coming to our store front!!! But maybe I will be one of those insane people who drives up to Seattle and stands in the rain outside the store like a adict waiting to get a peice of this amazing line! Will you be seeing me Seattle? You will have to wait and see…..mark your calendar…Marni on March 8th!!!


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