Design nerds rejoice

October 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

You can finally have that Christmas tree you have always dreamed of! Its true! No more need for those hideous green/red combos, Pantone has launched a new product! These amazing Christmas ornaments were designed by Selab Studio for Italian design house Seletti. They come in 10 different colors, each X-mas ball measures 8cm or 3.14″ in diameter. Perfect for a design nerd Christmas!

Available at Seletti America.


Flea Market Mania

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I was reading one of my favorite blogs today at lunch and couldn’t believe the amazing stuff Mr. Kate documented while shopping the Melrose Trading Post. I have never seen so many amazing things in one spot. I smell a road trip in my future.

Source: Mr. Kate


Source: Mr. Kate

See Scout Sleep Dog Beds!

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As all of you know i am 100% in love with and spoil beyond belief, my dog Saba! I have to say, that if she wasn’t already the proud owner of 4 dog beds i would splurge and get her one from See Scout Sleep! These dog beds are absolutely amazing and perfect for my office at nemo. Although their price point is a little beyond what i can afford right now, they are all natural, sustainable and totally adorable!

DIY files; branch necklace holder 2.3.11

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The piece that started the white wood theme i have going throughout my room. All it took was a dedicated trek in a wooded area, some inspired creativity. After 30 min of rummaging through the fallen branches at the golf course near my house; i found this beauty. Avoiding the strange looks from the golfers and other passer byes i drug this home and began ripping off the branches i didn’t need. After 2 hours, a ton of nails and 4 cans of spray paint i had created what i had imagined!

This beauty can hold all my necklaces and gets complements from everyone that has seen it.

DIY files; ring tray 1.31.11

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Armed with a surplus of crystals, rocks and rings. Thanks mostly to my mother, who lives in Taos and is an avid rock hound; I was able to complete the look I wanted to store my rings. I started with a trip to Michaels, and then a stop at ross. I can always find weird storage items at ross for very cheap (this tray was around $4), and the sand i used is about $2 at Michael’s. I brought this tray home and painted it with the same black satin krylon paint i used for my earring holder. I filled the newly painted tray with the same white sand i used in the vase; then added a dried flower and some of the aformentioned flair given to me by my mother (including an antler tip she gave me for good luck).

This is a simple, cheap and beautiful way to be able to see all my rings and quickly choose my accessories without taking up too much space.

DIY files; earring organizer 1.30.11

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I am an accessory fiend.

Often times when i shop the only things that will fit are accessories. I love vintage jewelry and making my own as well. But with so many accessories i have trouble finding what i want to wear and often times find myself forgetting i even own some of what i do. I grew really, really tired of rummaging through my jewelry box trying to find a pair of earrings. So i put on my creative thinking hat and took a trip to Michaels art supply store and the container store. Love them both.

I decided to build an earring holder that would match the white painted branches i have holding my necklesses and my boyfriends clothes (since mine have filled the closet). I pulled out my box of collected craft supplies; took an old vase, some white sand, twigs, feathers, dried wild flowers and a few cans of spray paint. Out into the back yard and began spraying.

I coated the vase with a satin finish black krylon paint, the twigs with a satin white. Selected the twigs i would need and a few of the other items i thought might look cool in the vase to add a bit of filler. I filled the newly blackened vase with the white sand i purchased from Michaels and started pressing everything into the sand. This was a fun, easy and cheap way to create a DIY  natural earring organizer.

PS: I also created a ring organizer and have plans of creating a chandelier. Shots of the rest of my matching DIY natural organizers coming soon.

interior envy 1.26.11

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summer year round

Although i am not a huge fan of bright colors, especially orange or yellow. When i saw this bedroom while browsing the coco+kelly blog i grew madly envious of this colorful bed and vintage frame. The distressed white and yellow of the antique frame and bed end bring the neon of the pillow and throw to a happy medium of sunny colors year round.

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