DIY Chalkboard Serving Platter!

December 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

With the hype of chalkboard paint making its way onto the tip top of the hill, just about over the edge. Wit & Whistle has given me a fresh new love of this amazing paint! No joke, i love the look of this platter let alone the handiness of being able to label the items in a no mess manner. No more toothpick label flags for me, chalkboard serving platter here i come!

DIY Chalkboard Platter from Wit & Whistle

Just what i need….one more DIY project on my list! 🙂


hair chain number 2

June 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

In a desperate attempt to keep my money in the bank and my boredom at ease i have been making hair accessories. My first one a few weeks ago and now i have finished this feather one. When i visit my mom she gives me a ton of feather from her parrot “River”. They are beautiful blue green iridescent and some little red ones. I am planning on adding a few more to my new hair chain it just takes a bit with having to wrap the wire around such a delicate object. So in the mean time im gonna rock it.

DIY Hair Chain Clip 5.26.11

May 27, 2011 § 4 Comments

With my bank account in the red, and my brain in go mode i broke out my crafts box and started creating. The first in a line of hair accessories i started to make for myself is a chain clip.

I look several types of chain i had, an old earring from mexico and some old school roach clips and made this hair chain. It is very similar to the long chain earrings, gracing the pages of the fashion magazines and sites of amazing jewelry designers, but it wont destroy your ear lobe! I love it. There are more hair crafts to come as soon as i buy some wire.

Happy thursday.

my phone was spiked; D.I.Y Files 3.19.11

March 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am the absolute worst at keeping my phone in my hand or pocket. Since i got an iphone its only been worse. The “sleek” body is so thin and slippery i cant seem to keep a hold of it, i swear it literally jumps out of my hand!

The IT guy at work, nearly has an aneurism when he sees me enter the building seconds behind my phone. So get a case he says, i hate CASES! i reply in my brattiest voice possible. “find one you do like then!”

So i went out looking for the thinnest, sleek black case i could find. I bought this silicone cover put it on my phone and right into my jacket pocket. Sauntering down the street, already feeling better about the chances of it plummeting from my pocket to the cement below. My heightened sense of security brought by this new case was short lived, my phone rings and i pull it from my jacket only to see that it is completely covered in tiny fibers and puppy hairs!

I had to do something stylish to this case to de-magnatise it from all things fiberous. So i grab my craft box and started bedazzling, in a manner of speaking.

You can do your own, a thin silicone case like the one pictured, a few spikes and your cellphone. Vola, you have a phone that will skid over all surfaces and look amazing at the same time!

D.I.Y Files: Beaded Bracelete 2.18.11

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

For my boyfriend’s birthday last year i had no clue what to get him.

I had already topped the charts with the previously mentioned Native Chief Ring. So i thought instead of buying him something i would make a piece of custom jewelry (its the thought that counts). Since i was a wee one i have had a loom, could be the native in me but beading is relaxing to me, so i went out and bought some more manly colored seed beads, drew up a pattern and started beading.

When i finished the beading process i took a piece of scrap leather i collect and cut it to what i assumed was the size of his wrist. I used leather glue to attach the beaded design to the leather and then sewed around the edges to ensure it would stay secure. (and when I say I sewed it i mean i was running around frantically trying to pack while my sister did the stitching)

Using a leather punch and some bronze eyelets i laced a piece of leather string through the back and it was complete! He was thrilled with the gift and it meant that much more that i had put all the time and thought into it. Now i really have to come up with something awesome for his birthday this year!

custom birthday present bracelete

DIY files; branch necklace holder 2.3.11

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The piece that started the white wood theme i have going throughout my room. All it took was a dedicated trek in a wooded area, some inspired creativity. After 30 min of rummaging through the fallen branches at the golf course near my house; i found this beauty. Avoiding the strange looks from the golfers and other passer byes i drug this home and began ripping off the branches i didn’t need. After 2 hours, a ton of nails and 4 cans of spray paint i had created what i had imagined!

This beauty can hold all my necklaces and gets complements from everyone that has seen it.

DIY files; ring tray 1.31.11

January 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Armed with a surplus of crystals, rocks and rings. Thanks mostly to my mother, who lives in Taos and is an avid rock hound; I was able to complete the look I wanted to store my rings. I started with a trip to Michaels, and then a stop at ross. I can always find weird storage items at ross for very cheap (this tray was around $4), and the sand i used is about $2 at Michael’s. I brought this tray home and painted it with the same black satin krylon paint i used for my earring holder. I filled the newly painted tray with the same white sand i used in the vase; then added a dried flower and some of the aformentioned flair given to me by my mother (including an antler tip she gave me for good luck).

This is a simple, cheap and beautiful way to be able to see all my rings and quickly choose my accessories without taking up too much space.

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