Fotoshop by Adobé

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Ha this kind of goes perfectly with my last post. Love this video.


Fancy Tiped Nails DIY

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So as you all know by now, i am less than amazing at doing my nails, plus I can never seem to grow them out. I love tipped nails, however, the aforementioned need to constantly trim gets in the way of my having glamorous flanges. The answer to this dilemma is here! I have stumbled across a foolproof solution for those who find their dexterity hindered such as myself, this awesome DIY makes the look of a trendy tip easy to do!

image found on pinterest: source unknown (but brilliant)

I’m thinking some awesome bright colors for the holiday!

Cant wait to have a second to try this out!

Ombre Nails

November 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

We’ve been seeing the ombre hair effect all over for the past few seasons. But now we have Ombre Nails!!!!! I have tried this several times on my own and every time i seem to make a great disaster of my nails. But thanks to fashionologie there is a trick that will help get the tip color to run naturally creating that ombre effect. Check it out here.

committed to fashion

November 14, 2011 § 3 Comments

As many of us young women in the world today, I suffer from a severe phobia of commitment. Seriously, every morning is a struggle to commit to what shoes i will wear, let alone what nail polish i will have on for the next few days. All of this leading up to the point that I am inspired by and in awe of the commitment of Rick Genest aka. Rico. He made a choice, one that is obvious from the photos, and not only does he own it, he uses it at a selling point on his way to becoming an unstoppable male model and fashion icon of our generation.

This photo series was shot by photographer Matthew Lyn for Schon Magazine.

I heart braids!

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Ever since I was a kid, it was always about the perfect braid. As a young lady with two sisters, countless barbies and my little ponies with the perfect braiding length hair; we spent a lot of time perfecting our braiding capabilities. So why is it i cannot seem to create a single decent braid on my own head. both of my sisters are braiding masters and if you saw me doing my hair in the morning you would have no idea i even knew how to use my hands!

None the less, i am totally in love with the new braiding trend that is running rampant!

hems in our economy 4.27.11

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I was talking with one of my friends this morning and she mentioned that as the economy is bad, the hemlines of skirts lengthen. I was immediately enamored, i have noticed that the skirts that almost all the popular clothing companies have been newly designing have been long flowing hems.

She also went into how she heard that skinny jeans will most likely stick around since the cost of cotton is so high, no one except the rich will be able to afford the tailored trends with more fabric. This analogy of fashion and the economy excited me and i began to research, what i have found, how shall i say it, brought me down.

Although this theory is understandably believable it has yet to be proven true. Never the less, the floor grazing, flouncing hems that are the new trend seem much more elegant and calming than the previous fashion of “let’s see how much of my butt cheeks you can see and still technically call this a skirt” trend.

I totally love the new Free People Collection for full length hems.

free people's Moonbeam Maxi Skirt

free people's Tracks of My Tiers Maxi Dress

burkinstocks? Really?! 4.11.11

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Are my eyes deceiving me, or has the impossible become reality? Birkenstock are lining the shelves of stores and infiltrating my favorite fashion magazines, catalogs and blogs!!!! Why? I have to say, i was born and raised a true hippy, no sugar, no television and unlimited woodlands to roam. However, there was one thing as a child i couldn’t wait to be old enough to stop wearing, and that was my Birkenstocks. They seem to have this amazingly uncanny ability to make even the most beautiful foot look short and fat. Even the thickest wool or most wonderfully hand-dyed socks wont save you from the short-fattening of the Birkenstock!

What is the next trend, hacky sacks and sage burnign before your drum circles in the park?

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