A commencement & A Conclusion

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I have been getting many an email and text message lately asking me if the rumor is true….yes, it is.

Saba and I hanging under my desk at nemo

After a long and interesting 6 years with studio nemo here is PDX, it is time for Kari Rowe Photography to hit the road and begin a genesis of its own. At the moment, the winds of change are blowing a whirlwind of stress dreams, TMJ flare ups and mini panic attacks as I begin the painful process of sifting through 8 years of work, and compile a real portfolio. Alas, I will miss thee grimy hangouts, dirty boys, black outs, dance offs, rain soaked afternoon plans, perverse jokes, good coffee, group bike rides, motorcycle crashes, physical abuse and all around good time that has been my life here in Oregon.

Hopefully, when the winds of change calm a bit i will find myself nestled safely in Silverlake with camera in hand, creativity a blaze and dog in tow. I have another month here in the great dreariness of Oregon…so send me a message or give me a f^$&!*@ phone call so we can make sure to have some amazing times before I head towards the sun and big city.

Here is a sweet end of the year recap of a pretty typical year here at nemo hq:

Until I hit the road…during which time i hope to thoroughly document my travels, I would like to thank you all for your patience while my blog postings will be lacking.


Happy Christmas!

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So it is officially Christmas day. As most of you are probably huddled in your homes with your family’s enjoying the over indulgence that is the holiday of that good ol fat man Saint Nick. As for me, i spent the morning opening gifts, and playing in the remains of the wrapping with my dog. We have dawned our Christmas gifts, and headed into the center of our small town, Vashon Island. The local coffee shop is open and i am sipping my delicious vanilla late and perusing the Zara Sale.

I was given some amazing free people pieces from my older sister this morning. Which only causes me to delve deeper into the world of Christmas sales and find those perfect pieces to complete an outfit with my new items! Oh geeze i guess i really do have the Christmas  spirit after all. HAHA.

I also received a “Kari Proof” as my younger sister puts it, Enzo hair curler, it truly is amazing, just grab wrap and run! hahaha

Really though, I am wishing you all a very happy christmas day and a wonderful weekend with friends, family and pets!
Much love.

Skin Struggle

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In these winter months it seems like a constant battle just to keep my skin in check. Either its overly greasy from the massive amounts of moisturizer or dry and hurting from the icy weather outside and constant dry heat inside.

Thanks to my obsessive product testing, I have found a couple amazing and simple solutions.

1. Dr. Hunter’s Hand Creme: Usually I loathe the smell of rose products, reminding me of a musty old house and your grandmas perfume and popurri all mixed in one. But this is a different beast all together! I love how this stuff smells, like nothing more than a wonderful, fresh cut rose. It softens my achy hands instantly, leaves behind a fresh floral scent and absolutely no oily residue! Talk about LOVE! I bought this stuff at Anthropologie.

2. Heritage Rosewater Spray: I know, again with the rose! But it works like a charm! The smell is light and fresh but does not stick around. What I do is, after I conduct my nightly face cleansing ritual, I lightly pat my face with a towel. While it is still damp I mist my entire face in this rosewater. Once properly doused in rosewater, I use a touch of my face lotion. The trick is, the rosewater neutralizes the PH of the harsh tap water you wash your face with, and putting a bit of lotion on while your face is drenched in its PH balanced goodness, you end up using less lotion and hydrating just enough to avoid that greasy face feeling. The best part is this is totally affordable and helps you from flying through your less affordable lotions! You can find it almost anywhere but The Natural Online has it on sale right now for only $5.65!

3. Aveeno Active Naturals Soothing Bath Treatment: Last but not least, is my go to bath time skin soothing remedy. Ever since i was a kid i have had really really sensitive skin! I mean i would break out in hives constantly and for no apparent reason. With that said this bath treatment has always been there for me, I love it. It is cheap and safe. I use it even if i just feel like relaxing and hydrating my skin, yeah for oatmeal! If i feel like a little aroma therapy while im soaking i will add a few drops of lavender oil along with the oatmeal treatment. Again, you don’t need to buy into those over priced bath oils to soothe your skin (they are amazing) but really what normal person wants to spend $80 on a tiny bottle of bath oil?! Not me! You can find this stuff everywhere, seriously, wallgreens, fred meyer, safeway ect. And its about 8 dollars for a pack of 8!

Lets make it thought these winter months with silky smooth skin.

Samuel Jacob Thor Franey

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That is my new nephew. 6 weeks old and 13lbs, his name is almost the size of him. While my sister and him were visiting this last weekend, i had to whip out a little photo shoot right before dropping them at the airport. Hey, would you expect any less of me? Here are a few of my favorite shots.

5 ways to beat the winter blues

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1. Clean out your life.

Those busy summer days of happy hour, trips to the river, sunny picnics in the park and camping trips may have left you and your house with piles of stuff you just don’t need or haven’t yet gotten around to getting rid of. Well, now is the time. Before those long days of Grey and rain hit it is important to make your living and working spaces as pleasant as possible for you to be in. You need to love your space, you will be spending a lot of time in it hiding from the weather.

2. Spoil yourself.

Buy yourself that outfit or pair of shoes you’ve been stalking. After all there may be some space opening up in your closet (see step 1). Buy a tasty treat, a bottle of wine, some amazing bath oil and a delicious candle or two….then soak in the tub till you feel all your stress disappear.

3. Fill your time.

With work, maybe pickup an extra project to stimulate your creative. With friends, make sure to setup a dinner date or girls night in with your best friends at least once a week. With art, if music is your thing pick up that guitar that has been collecting dust in the corner, if its painting pick up your brush…..its important to keep your down time filled with things you love.

4. Bake cook and concoct.

For me the best meditation is cooking. Find some amazing recipes with seasonal foods you have never cooked with before. Keep in mind if you are cooking for one…..don’t just finish cooking and devour the still steaming dish while standing over the warm stove, make your meal beautiful. It is important that what you feed yourself is something you want to look at and admire before inhaling.

5. Take care of yourself.

Make sure you take your vitamins (i know i sound like your mom). However, it is important to supply your body with the vitamins it is missing out on living here in the dreary northwest. Take time to go to the gym, yoga or a heart pumping activity of your choice. Last but not least. Schedule yourself a massage once a month. A healthy body equals a healthy mind!

All the above images are from pinterest.

this month

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this has been one busy month….it seems that my work is never done. I have been less than a devoted blogger over the last month, i am sorry. I took this weekend to recoup and take a little time for myself with my dear pup. I cleaned, i cooked, i slept (ALOT) and i sent out a bit of work to different companies.

I just wanted to give yet another shout out to all that helped with the photo workshop! It was the most fun year i have ever had! Great talent and great people.

teaching photo nerd 101...Josh Letchworth Photo

I have been looking into this online business help (since i am no good at the business side of things) its called Docstoc. Has anyone used it? Is it legit?

July, July, Juullly

July 25, 2011 § 1 Comment

This month has been amazing and proves to continue to be so right in to august. What I’ve done so far: flew to colorado with Christy C for Bolle, went camping on the coast, took a road trip up north with my two favorite ladies (saba and Camille V) wished my father a happy birthday by giving him spinning motors for his disco ball collection! Enjoyed the strawberry festival despite the pouring rain, ate a scrumptious elephant ear. Got to spend a day in the sun with my god daughter, the BBQ and a sprinkler. Took pregnant photos of my dear friend Jordan and spent some quality time at the river with my Saba. This next weekend i get to look forward to sunshine, willie nelson, my man will be back from work and my Dad will be in town. Then its off to the US open to shoot some peeps and up to the mt to teach photo camp! I cant wait! I love portland summers.

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