SPOIL: Help protect the spirit bear!

January 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

SPOIL is a documentary of the fight to save the Great Bear Rain forest, a location where the wild land meets the wild ocean. On of the only locations left like it that exists in the world today. The spirit bear is only found in these parts! To think that oil giant Enbridge is planning to build a pipeline through it makes me nauseous. Seriously we love our cars and all that jazz but to think that something as amazing as this rain forest would be destroyed and a rares species of beautiful wildlife endangered, well, its really unthinkable!

Watch the trailer for SPOIL and learn more about the situation. Then check out the International League of Conservation Photographers.


I am not a feminist…I’m just into feminism?

January 12, 2012 § 3 Comments

In today’s society, I by no means call myself a feminist, in fact I seem to go out of my way to avoid that term at all costs. Even if it meant keeping quiet about how I feel about women in today’s media. I was home reading the other night, when I saw the word Feminist in an article….I cringed….then thought to myself, why do I refused to call myself a feminist? I went to the dictionary to figure out what the literary term of the word meant versus the representation of the term in media.

Feminist: “person whose beliefs and behaviors are based on feminism.”

Feminism: “a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women”

So when I think about it, I am a feminist after all. Why is it I try to hard to avoid being deemed a feminist in today’s society? I decided to Google the term and started to define what the main stream media of today depicts as a feminist. One thing is for sure, they don’t think of strong, beautiful, creative women standing up for equality and rights for all woman kind. The social media of today has deemed a feminist ugly, hairy, angry, men haters, lesbians, hard, hating, rejecting of family life, rude, mean ect. In fact the third definition in the urban dictionary said:

“a bunch of brain dead, tromatized women who use men to blame all of their problems on. A.K.A women who have large ego’s.”

yes, that is a copy and paste version (misspelling included in the definition).

How has something so beautiful as respectfulness of the woman and all they have to offer become something so ugly?

The new film Miss Representation for the Sundance film festival says it all.

The next time someone calls me a feminist I will hold my head high and smile while saying, “I guess I am”

Art Tents!

December 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just what i have been waiting for. I love camping, but have never actually owned a tent of my own. They just have never been as cool looking as i wish they were. But now, any tent buying dilemmas i may have had have been solved. Thank you FieldCandy. These tents are totally amazing!

Read more about these artistic dwellings at Design Rulz.

24 hours at the ace

September 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Check this out, the impossible project has teamed up with the ace hotel to supply their guests with the magic of instant film. This month, every guest room at Ace Hotel New York will be stocked with a refurbished Polaroid camera and limited edition, custom packs of “Impossible x Ace Hotel” PX 600 Silver Shade instant black & white film in the mini–bar.

Along with this awesome month of film lovin’ at the ace, there will be an art show titled “24 Hours At The Ace” that will feature Adam Goldberg, Andie Acosta, Anne Bowerman, Araks Yeramyan, Chloe Aftel, Dave Ortiz, Devon Turnbull, Elijah Wood, Jeremy Kost, Nicole Held, Michael Nevin, Pat Sansone and Steve Olson. A follow–up show in August 2012 will feature works submitted by fans of Ace and Impossible online at acehotel.com/impossible. The final selections for this second gallery installation will be decided by the original show’s participants.

I wish i was visiting the Ace NY this month!

Cake Dreams

August 30, 2011 § 4 Comments

A secret that is not well kept about myself is that i am utterly obsessed with cakes, I love looking at them in the stores, the textures, the colors, the layers, the shapes! There are endless possibilities, although i am not the biggest fan of eating them i enjoy a slice every once in awhile.

When i was a little kid, my sisters and i would sit for hours looking through my dad’s cake decorating and recipie books (he is a chef and would make amazing wedding cakes). We would imagine that they were our cakes and what kind of party we would have them at. How we would decorate them different from the books and our imaginations would wander into every flavor conconcotion we could render! Yes, i know that sounds a little weird but as 3 young girls with no sugar allowed in our diet and an ample amount of cake books at our disposal it made perfect sense.

For the first time i found a site that may be as obsessed with cake decoration images as i am. Pinterest Cake Love.


That is all for my Tuesday morning Cake Dreams.

Behind the Scenes with Bolle

July 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Alex Chumpy Pullin made a behind the scenes video of our shoot in Colorado.

alexchumpypullin.com EPISODE 26 from alex chumpy pullin on Vimeo.

So awesome!
Thanks Chumpy

My Mom Tells Rocktails….

July 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

I took these shots of my beautiful mom at her home outside of Taos New Mexico, she owns and runs a coffee shop in Taos called Coffee Cats, if you are in town and in need of a drink check them out. If you do happen in, ask her about her original “Rocktails” its a pretty amazing concept. Her Rock Tails have been written up in all the local busniess journals, blogs and magazines as well as the New York Times Business Journal!

“Natural stones have an energy, which is why many people love this new concept I originated of combining the healing properties of stones with their drinks, which I call ‘Rocktails,’” says Coffee Cats owner Kit Johnston.

She challenged skeptics to blind taste tests, “splitting a cup of coffee into two different cups, and people are dumbfounded that the flavor of the drink changes with the stones, even though the stones by themselves don’t have a flavor.” Be transformed yourself the next time you’re in Taos.

This amazing woman taught me the ins and outs of making art through a camera, the power of positive thoughts, belief in one’s self and the strength given by the earth itself.

Next time you find yourself in New Mexico stop by, say Kari sent you, and try a Rocktail!

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