NTC Now with Spencer O’Brien

February 10, 2012 § 1 Comment

This just in! An interview with the amazing Spencer O’Brien by nike women….featuring my photo.

This young woman is abosutely the sweetest lady I have got to work with…and cute to boot!

Click the photo to read the interview!


Undertow Deck for PUSH 2012 Auction

February 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

My fellow creative, friend and lover of soft rock/R&B, Blake Gantz of the Undertow team made this awesome skate deck for the PUSH 2012 art auction. The PUSH art auction in bend OR give all proceeds to the Division Street Skate Park Project!

Thanks for the photo cred…..Saba and I are always gracious receivers of a photo credit.

Check out other Undertow merch and cool art online!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2012 Ad Campaign: Zuzanna Bijoch, photographed by David Sims

February 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you love fashion, art and photos and you don’t know about fashionologie you must click that link now. As one of my go to daily blogs I find inspiration on every page…but by far, my most favorite installation on their blog is on the campaign trail, where they feature all the latest fashion campaigns!

My favorite for the Spring 2012 Ad Campaigns is hands down the Alexander McQueen Campaign featuring Zuzanna Bijoch and photographed by David Sims. LOVE THESE!

Sweet Cheeks – peace chicks panties

January 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

My first debut on the sweet cheeks site. As the photographer I am usually the one behind the camera…this time I did the modeling. My artist bio and announcement is coming to the sweet cheeks website soon! Until then check out the new undies, trust me when I say, they are both comfy and cute! 🙂

A special thanks to Mark Thompson who made modeling in my underwear not so weird.

The world of daydreams with Avery

January 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

What to say and where to begin. I have never been great with words, always finding it easier to express myself through images and art. As a tween my diary was filled with countless magazine clippings covering every page making a vibrant book of shapes and colors.

When I see something or someone that inspires me I find myself with a severe inability to act like anything other than a highly caffeinated chiwawa chasing after a goal never quite within reach . Running full speed at the prize in site, throwing caution to the wind and bumbling with the right words to say. However, as we are all told, nothing worth doing is ever easy.

The day I met Avery was no different. The comfortable and confident woman I have become vanished, knowing there is something so personal about capturing someone in an image I find it unbearable hard to stay calm, confident and strong during the first introduction.

She was gorgeous, like a character from another world. I have to say asking for her permission to capture her in a portfolio fashion series was a scary moment I will never regret. An amazing young woman, with a heart as big as her creativity. Fourteen years old, with beautiful pale skin and a face you cant help but stare at a muse in every sense of the term.

A special thanks to Avery and her wonderful family, Camille V for the beautiful hair and makeup.


Poppy & Moe with Kari Rowe!

December 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

I defidnately felt that title. HA maybe i should take a break with the clever titles for a bit.

A little bit ago i spent an amazing day with the lovely ladies of Poppy & Moe. I have been dying to share some photos with you, my internet friends. But i guess one of my favorite, yet the toughest, parts of being a photographer is the anticipation of waiting for the client to share your work! 🙂 Those talented ladies have released one of their look books Forest Fortunes featuring the images we captured on our whirlwind of a day adventure. Check out their awesome tees and a ton of my photos on their beautiful and newly updated site!

Forest Fortunes

A new blog series on Studio Nemo, By Yours Truly

November 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

Bow The Mold: The stories behind their style- featuring Caleb Ruecker

This is the first instillation of what i hope will be many. As the blogger for the studio nemo blog, i was tasked with finding fashion forward thinkers in the action industry started with a mere fashion on the street type standard. But faced with the fact that i am no sartorialist, i cant just look at what a person is wearing and not try to figure out the personality behind the garb. I was determined to go deeper.

I began to rack my brain and think of all the athletes i have met and the individual flair they bring to their sponsors and style i couldn’t imagine just documenting what they wore. As far as i am concerned “Name Brands, overpriced items and the hottest new style on the market all pale in comparison to the style brought together by individuals and their personalities.

This monthly essay is one that will strive to capture the real, the raw and the individuals i meet in a new light. Any stereotypes you may have had when first meeting the individual will melt away, confusion will in sue and you will want nothing more than to meet the individual with these fashion forward frame of minds.

The first of these young trendsetters is Caleb Ruecker. A Portland native and a BMX athlete iconic for his personal style, infinite flare and talent for bedazzling even the most plain of nails.

You see him fly by on the street, hop a curb and spin off into the distance, your initial though? “What a Punk” A reaction he has received with a smile for years and happens to be the same reaction I had as he was flying on his bike over a crew of us nemo workers as we enjoyed an afternoon at the loading dock. Once the intimidation and pure awe of his personal style settled in, i got a hold of him, it only took 3 years.We collaborated and talked, gossiped and giggled (yes girls he giggles) talked nails and fashion. Seriously, not the rail ogling, bmx jabber i expected. This is where the shattering of stereotypes idea came into play. I wanted to make a series of fashion essays in which this person who normally appears intimidating and hard would come across calm, collected, complex and the soft man i spent the afternoon in the park. Not the spiked, tattooed, ruecker the hucker that the world knows him as.

To my excitement he agreed. This is the series we created in an afternoon here at studio nemo.

An extra special thank you to Caleb and Camille V for spending a Saturday in the studio with me.

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